Zombie Teases More From 31

By Dr. Know on July 16th, 2014

Although nothing is known about the story so far (other than the fact it takes place on Halloween), Rob Zombie is teasing us with more goodies from 31, his next feature film. If you click the thumbnails below, you can have an early look at some production art from the movie. Zombie himself posted the piece on his Facebook page, stating the following:

“Lots of news on my next film 31 will be coming your way very soon. But until then I thought I share with your one many awesome production drawings from the film courtesy of Alex Horley.”

Despite knowing what context of the image I have to say I likey. Pretty badass. Looks like a demonic version of Johnny Lawrence and the boys in their Halloween costumes from Karate Kid (the original, not that turd-of-a remake).

Anyway, you can also click the teaser trailer below to get an inkling of the tone just incase you missed its debut last month.