Twohy On Replay

By Dr. Know on October 31st, 2014

Director David Twohy (Riddick) is getting back in the sci-fi swing of things, folks; he’s signed on to direct the sci-fi spec Replay by tyro screenwriter Joe Gazzam.

The story follows Tyler Vaughn, a test subject in a quantum experiment who’s sent four days into the future, only to discover his son has been killed and he’s been fingered for the murder. When the day ends, he’s pulled back one day prior and realizes he must solve the mystery of his son’s death as he jumps backward, one day at a time, to stop it from happening on the day of the initial experiment.

Writer Gazzam is a big deal as of late in the development hell trenches. The scribe sold another spec script, Shadow Run, to Sony and is currently scripting the Cliffhanger remake for producer Neal Moritz and StudioCanal. Just the fact he’s sold two specs in a market bent on remakes, sequels and adaptations is a good indication he’s one talented wordsmith.

No word if any stars are interested in in the lead role of Vaughn, but now that Twohy’s attached I wouldn’t be shocked if Vin Diesel’s name gets tossed around.

Replay is being targeted for an early 2015 start apparently.