Snitch Interview With Dwayne Johnson

By Miss Demeanor on February 20th, 2013

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has faced all kinds of challenges in his life. Whether it be going up against the likes of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in the WWE or facing off against the heavyweights in the CFL from his pro football days,  Johnson has always prevailed. With 17 championship reigns in WWE, including 10 as a world champion, it was only a matter of time until Hollywood came calling.

Although he first portrayed  Mathayus, aka The Scorpion King, in The Mummy Returns in 2001, it was his reprisal of this this role in  2002’s The Scorpion King that not only netted the would-be-movie-star at the time  a record-breaking $5.5 million for an unproven first-time headlining actor, but it also kick-started a career full of action movie tough guys for The Rock.

His latest, Snitch, looks to turn that tough guy image on its ear. While Johnson may be going up against a cavalcade of creeps in his latest action effort, one of the things that drew him to the story was its authenticity.

In our Snitch interview with Dwayne Johnson, the wrestler-turned actor talks about what sets the movie apart from other action films he’s done in the past, it’s wealth of reality and his character’s relationship with his wrongly-accused son.

Snitch is in theatres this Friday, February 22, 2013.