Snake Plissken Incarcerated At Fox

By Drax Largo on January 13th, 2015

Snake Plissken, I heard you were dead…at least as far as remakes go.

Obviously I was wrong about said remake because Deadline is reporting Fox now has the remake rights to Escape from New York and is planning an overhaul for the 21st century.

Years ago, following the success of 300, the Escape remake was set to go at New Line Cinema with Gerard Butler donning the eyepatch based on a Ken Nolan (Blackhawk Down) script. Failing to nab a director and a variety of development hell reasons prevented the rehash from finding new life at New Line.

As for this next kick at the can, Andrew Rona (Joel Silver’s former lieutenant) and Alex Heineman’s The Picture Company will produce. I’m also betting the Nolan script will be jettisoned in favor of a fresh start. When a project has been on the drawing board this long and fails to score a director, or big-name-star, more often than not the script is usually blamed, right or wrong.

The original 1981 classic directed by John Carpenter starred Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken, a convicted felon who’s conscripted to rescue the president of the United States after Air Force One crashes in Manhattan, now a maximum security prison. Plissken, a former special forces soldier, is given 22 hours to rescue the commander-in-chief, as well as a tape he’s carrying which holds the key to stopping World War III. If he fails, he’s wired to explode.

Personally, I’d rather see a new stand-alone Snake adventure instead of an Escape rehash. Kurt Russell is still in great shape for his age (Death Proof is certainly proof!). A post-apocalyptic western a la Clint Eastwood with Snake as the focal point in an entirely new concept would be infinitely more interesting…even if he is 30-plus years older. But, hey, I’m probably in the minority on this one.