Rob Zombie’s Next Project Is 31

By Dr. Know on May 16th, 2014

Remember when word circulated about Rob Zombie doing a biopic of sorts on the Philadelphia Flyers circa the ’70s, Broad Street Bullies? Well, Rob does, too, except that, as usual, the film is still stuck in development hell. Rob and the powers-that-be can’t seem to arrive on common ground. It’s not that he’s off the movie, it’s just that things are at a standstill for the moment.

Having said that, Rob Zombie has decided on what his next film will be. And despite what he’s said in the past about wanting to move on from horror, this next project is a horror movie, and it looks like the title is, for now, anyway, 31.

So what’s it about?

I have no clue, but click below to get a quick tease. Also, be sure to head on over to Zombie’s official site to sign up for updates. I’m sure more will become available on this mofo in the months to come.