R.I.P. John Fasano

By Dr. Know on July 22nd, 2014

Some sad news out of Hollywood yesterday; prolific writer-producer-director John Fasano died in his sleep this past Saturday. He was 52.

Best known for directing such genre cult classics as Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare, Black Roses (1988), as well as co-writing Darkness Falls (2003) and  Another 48 Hrs (1990), Fasano’s career spanned more than 40 credits on feature films and primetime television as a writer, director or producer.

Other credited work (and in some cases uncredited) include Universal Soldier: The Return and Alien 3, as well as developing the stories for Alien vs. Predator, Flushed Away, Ex-1, Marvel Comics’ Werewolf by Night and, most recently, writing Sniper 5, Sniper Reloaded and Hostel: Part III.

Fasano also worked as a script doctor and screenwriting guest lecturer at AFI and the Writer’s Boot Camp. He was also president of the screenwriting seminar at the Sony/Canal+ Equinoxe screenwriting seminar in France.

Fasano is survived by his wife, Edie; children Lucia and John Cody; and his sister, casting director Felicia Fasano.