Non-Stop Interview – Liam Neeson & Julianne Moore

By Miss Demeanor on February 26th, 2014

In addition to being critically-acclaimed actors, Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore are both huge movie stars. Having aid that, they’re also no strangers to the action genre.

Liam Neeson has been cracking skulls since donning the guise of Darkman in 1990. Of course, modern audiences probably know his exploits best from his current hot streak in the Taken franchise.

Moore can play with the big boys, too. From her turn as a freedom fighter in Alfonso Cuaron’s underrated Children of Men to her role as an FBI agent tracking down Nicolas Cage in Next, Moore has shown she knows the terrain.

The dynamic duo is teaming up this week in the new original (hard to believe it’s from an actual spec script) action thriller Non-Stop. The story follows air marshal Neeson springing into action during a transatlantic flight after receiving a series of text messages that put his fellow passengers (Moore being one of them) at risk unless the airline transfers $150 million into an off-shore account. With that, no one is who they seem…maybe even Neeson and Moore.

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