No Transformers 4 for Bay & LeBeouf?!

By Dr. Know on July 2nd, 2011

Although the general consensus seems to be that Transformers: Dark of the Moon is the best of the bunch, it’s a good bet director Michael Bay and star Shia LeBeouf won’t return for a fourth installment; when chatting with the crew of MTV News at the New York City premiere, LeBeouf had the following to offer on what lies ahead for the franchise:

“If they’re going to do it again, they have to attempt it with somebody else,” LeBeouf told MTV News. “We took it to the limit. We tried as hard as we could. I don’t think we can turn in a movie that’s better than this, really.”

Mega-babe and co-star Rosie Huntington Whitely may have other ideas on what’s next on the creative plate for Bay and LeBeouf, and if I were one of them I’d probably find her more than a little persuasive. Just check out the video below to get the 411:

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