Motel Hell Blu-Ray Art

By Dr. Know on April 3rd, 2014

Hey, fiends and friends, check out the new key art for theupcoming Collector’s Edition of the cannibalistic chainsaw-wielding slasher Motel Hell!! This kick-ass rendition comes to us courtesy veteran Scream Factory artist Nathan Thomas Milliner (Day of the Dead, Sleepaway Camp, The Burning)!

The reverse wrap art will showcase the original theatrical poster art, in this case it’s the U.S. iconic “heads in the garden screaming” one with Ida and Vincent standing behind them.

If you haven’t seen this drive-in classic it’s a nasty little number set in a fictitious town in the Deep South. People come from far and wide to sample Vincent’s distinctively flavored produce, but one might ask why so few of them decide to stay at the near-by motel the family also runs. Affectionately named “Motel Hello” – although the ‘o’ in the neon sign is often inoperable – passers-by do occasionally check-in… but they never check-out! Something to do with Farmer Vincent’s secret ingredient that makes his fritters taste so frickin’ tasty!

The blu-ray release is planned for August 12th and we’ll have full details on extras early this summer. Pre-order links are now live HERE!