Men In Suits

By Dr. Know on May 8th, 2014

Predator, Alien, Godzilla, King Kong are some of the most iconic characters in genre cinema, but many people still don’t know anything about the incredible actors who helped bring these creatures to life with their skill and passion! The overlooked 2012 documentary Men in Suits should change that for some of you.

Written and directed by Frank H. Woodward, the new doc sheds some light on this unsung art, with interviews with some of Hollywood’s top monster suit actors. It’s essentially a long overdue nod to a craft that is getting lost in this age of plastic-looking computer graphics.

Having said that, as a hardcore movie fan, it always seemed strange to me that people could name every actor that played James Bond or Batman but they couldn’t tell you who played Predator or the Creature from the Black Lagoon (we could say the same for stuntman accomplishments – Terry Leonard, anyone? – but that’s another article).

Anyway, click below to get the straight dope. And click it HERE to pick up a copy if the trailer below has you salivating for more.