Meet Judge Minty

By Dr. Know on February 17th, 2014

Although 2012’s Dredd kicked some serious ass, it was a box office fauilure in North America. Since the movie failed to make an impression with mainstream audiences the idea of a sequel seems a like a long-shot prospect at best, even if a fervid fan-based petition is trying hard to make it happen (read more about that HERE).

If we don’t get to see a Dredd sequel we will, however, get the next best thing: Judge Minty.

Judge Minty?

Judge Minty is a new award-winning fan film directed by Steven Sterlacchini.┬áIt’s an original work, following the tale of a secondary figure from the 2000 AD stories. Judge William Minty has spent his entire adult life policing the violent streets of Mega-City One and now he’s slowing down. When a lapse of judgement almost ends his life, he knows that it’s time to quit. He can choose to teach in the Academy, or he can leave the city and walk alone out into the anarchy of the Cursed Earth, taking law to the lawless.

What do yo think he’s gonna do? Click that player below to find out.