Marvel of the Dead

By Dr. Know on February 22nd, 2013

Late last year there were rumors that the legendary George A. Romero (if I have to list his credits so you know who he is, you must leave now!) would be working on a new comic book for Marvel. Little was known about it, other than the fact it won’t involve any of Marvel’s superheros or on-going characters. It will have zombies, of course.

Today, Marvel is teasing an upcoming announcement about the series. Newsarama got hold of Marvel’s teaser on your right that was shown off at a retailer breakfast at Friday’s ComicsPro meeting. That’s all we have to go on for now but it has me salivating with anticipation for what’s possibly on deck.

Could it be another Marvel Zombies take?

I hope not. I loved Robert Kirkman and Sean Phillips’ take in that world but I don’t want more of the same again. It’d be great to see a talent like Romero lending his zombie-social commentary to the comics world.

Stay tuned, as more details are bound to come out soon on this inriguing new Romero/Marvel project.