Lucasfilm Developing A Knights Of The Old Republic Movie?

By Drax Largo on February 23rd, 2013

Is Lucasfilm developing a Knights of the Old Republic movie?

Possibly, but nothing’s confirmed at this point since the new trilogy and spin-off movies are in various phases of development. Be that as it may, Aint It Cool seems to think something’s afoot with this expanded universe property.

Knights started life as a video game, written by Mass Effect‘s Drew Karpyshyn. He has more Star Wars street cred too, having published a novel, Darth Bane: Path of Destruction. Last spring, left his job with game developer Bioware to concentrate on screenwriting and his proposed fantasy novels, the Children of Fire trilogy.

Word is circulating he’s now working with Lucasfilm on their early plans for a Knights movie.

I’m all for moving away from the whole Skywalker legacy in the trilogy and starting anew. It would be great to have a Sith Lord like Bane at the center of the story that isn’t Darth Vader. Until multiple sources can verify this, however, I’ll simply chalk it up to enthusiastic speculation.