Joel Silver & Warner Bros. getting divorced

By Dr. Know on April 27th, 2012

Mega-producer Joel Silver and Warner Bros. will be ending their 25-year relationship this year, marking the end of an era. When 2012 comes to an end, Silver’s Silver Pictures and Dark Castle Entertainment will be vacating the lot and most likely setting up shop at a as of yet undetermined studio.

Silver is one of the most – if not the most – commercially successful action producers in Hollywood history. Silver is responsible for everything from the Lethal Weapon and The Matrix franchises to more recent hits hits like Swordfish and the Sherlock Holmes series. In addition to these money machines for Warner Bros. Silver also produced Commando and the first two Die Hard and Predator movies at Fox with mentor and elder heavy hitter Lawrence Gordon (Watchmen).

Speaking of the legendary Lawrence Gordon, Silver also co-produced the buddy classic 48 HRS at Paramount with Gordon, as well as starting his lengthy collaborative relationship with another action-maestro, screenwriter Steven E. de Souza (Die Hard, Die Hard 2, Ricochet, Hudson Hawk, Commando)

Silver can also take credit for discovering and cementing the career of action pioneer Shane Black. Silver hired the-then young scribe for the first two Lethal Weapon movies, as well as (in my opinion) the even better yet way underrated The Last Boy Scout. Silver also helped Black get his directorial debut Kiss Kiss Bang Bang off the ground after the industry had essentially turned its back on Black, basically because of jealousy over his hefty paydays for his spec script sales.

I won’t get into the gossip over why Silver is leaving (not our bag on this site) but according to Deadline, Silver’s relationship with Warner Bros. CEO Jeff Robinov seems to be strained at best. The marketing of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows is just one source of conflict. If you wanna get the dirt just click HERE to read the full article.

Anyway, I’m sure Silver won’t have any problems finding a deal at another studio. With his track record for generating billions, I’m sure most backlots would be happy to have him in bed with them.