Godzilla: The 1954 Original Back In Theaters!

By Dr. Know on February 18th, 2014

A restoration of Godzilla: The Japanese Original (1954), the mammoth monster classic that has spawned six decades of sequels, imitations, and remakes, will debut April 12th at the fifth TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood, followed by a national release beginning at New York’s Film Forum, April 18th-24th.

No doubt this is also timed to help promote the May 16th rehash…but I digress.

Released stateside as Godzilla: King of the Monsters, the American version is a horribly re-edited cut, which unceremoniously inserted American actor Raymond Burr into the thick of things. It was released in 1956, and only an hour from the original’s 98 minute running time of the original was used. Burr is nowhere to be found in the original, uncut Toho version, which has an all-Japanese cast including Kurosawa regular Takashi Shimura.

Click it HERE to see dates and locations for this limited release, if you’d prefer to see a cut sans Raymond Burr.