Friday The 13th In 3D…Again

By Dr. Know on June 19th, 2014

Well, it looks like Paramount Pictures’ reboot of Friday the 13th is going to be in 3D, just like Part 3 was way back in 1982. Of course, I’m willing to bet the studio won’t have the balls to resurrect prankster Shelly, played wonderfully by Larry Zerner in Part 3.

Shelly did, after all, anoint the masked slasher with his iconic hockey mask thanks to his own personal brand of tomfoolery, which played a part in Shelly’s own demise.

With this 3D announcement I’m guessing the found-footage angle is now off the drawing board (thank, goodness).

As for the new Friday‘s narrative direction, well, that remains to be seen. I’m guessing it will revolve around drug-taking, horny teenagers on a weekend getaway. All of them will be systematically killed off by Jason (Kane Hodder?) at Crystal Lake in some way, shape or form. Just a hunch.

As it stands now, Friday the 13th: 3D is scheduled to slash its way through theaters Friday, November 13th, 2015