Ford In Blade Runner Sequel?

By Drax Largo on May 15th, 2014

According to Variety, Harrison Ford has been offered a role in the Blade Runner sequel, which is in development at Alcon Entertainment. No word if it’s reprising his role as Rick Deckard, or if he’ll be a replicant (the argument over whether or not Deckard was indeed a replicant to begin with rages today).

Ridley Scott is scheduled to return to the director’s chair, but when production will commence is just one of the many mysteries surrounding this movie.

No details on the story are available, but it is known this new chapter will take place some years after Deckard (Harrison Ford) and Rachael (Sean Young) made their escape. Michael Green (Green Lantern) is the latest writer on board, reworking a previous draft from original Blade Runner screenwriter Hampton Fancher.

This brings up another question: if Scott sticks to his assertion that Ford’s character, Deckard, was in fact a replicant, how will he cheat Ford’s age in the sequel? Replicants had an average three to five year lifespan, so will Ridley and his team have to do some serious VFX or makeup work on Ford’s wrinkled visage?

In the 1982 classic, Rutger Hauer played the leader of a group of escaped replicants – genetically engineered androids used for work on Earth’s off-world colonies – who are hiding out in a 2019 version of Los Angeles. Ford’s Rick Deckard character is a “blade runner,” a police officer who kills replicants when and if they become a serious problem.

The film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry in 1993.