Finally! The First Stretch Trailer & Clips

By Dr. Know on September 25th, 2014

The first trailer and clips for Joe Carnahan’s long-delayed Stretch is now live via JoBlo. And true to Smokin’ Aces form, it looks like it’ll be all over the map in terms of tone. Great if you loved Smokin’ (and I did), or terrible if you didn’t.

Universal dumped the movie from distribution earlier this year. Word around the campfire is Universal couldn’t justify spending millions on a marketing campaign even though the production budget was a mere $5 million.

Initially, Blumhouse Productions was able to shop the project following Universal’s retreat; however, everyone in town passed, causing the film to default back to Universal. Source says the studio and filmmakers will explore “creative” options for releasing it.

That said, it looks like Stretch is finally coming out this October on VOD, iTunes, Netflix, pick-your-new-media service.

In Stretch, Patrick Wilson plays a chauffeur who picks up a difficult and devious billionaire, played in a cameo by Chris Pine. As the night goes on, their interaction leads to dangerous encounters. Jessica Alba, Brooklyn Decker, Ed Helms and Ray Liotta also appear.

Look for Stretch in the streaming world October 6.