Fast & Furious 7 To Resume Production

By Dr. Know on February 27th, 2014

After some script rewrites and the release date getting pushed back, it appears production on Fast & Furious 7 is ready to start up again on April 1st. The cast and crew will head to Atlanta for about six to eight more weeks of shooting.

The timeline will be tight for new-to-the-franchise director James Wan, with Fast 7 currently scheduled for April 10, 2015.

As most of you know, co-star Paul Walker was tragically killed in California late last year when a red Porshes GT he was a passenger in crashed. This, of course, threw the entire production into question. Since then Universal Pictures – the studio backing the Fast franchise – has been in a quagmire, trying to figure out what to do with Fast & Furious 7, a movie that was halfway through production with Walker leading the cast alongside Vin Diesel.

How the story will be altered remains to be seen since the narrative has been kept under wraps since pre-production started last year.

Once more look for Fast and Furious 7 April 10, 2015.