D’Onofrio Is The Kingpin

By Drax Largo on June 11th, 2014

Vincent D’Onofrio (Law & Order: Criminal Intent) has been cast as the Kingpin, aka Wilson Fisk, in Marvel’s Netflix series Daredevil. D’Onofrio will star opposite Charlie Cox (Boardwalk Empire), the new Daredevil himself.

D’Onofrio is an extremely versatile actor and an excellent choice in my opinion. He wears body types like clothing, and he can adjust his accent seamlessly to suit any role. To boot, he’s had plenty of experience playing bad guys. See The Salton Sea, Men in Black and his startling performance in Full Metal Jacket just to name a trio.

Marvel is still looking for a director for the pilot episode of what’s planned to be five 13-episode series for Netflix, which will be followed by Jessica JonesIron Fist and Luke Cage. This will, of course, pave the way for The Defenders series on Netflix, which will dovetail with all four shows.