Critters 2 Midnight Movie + Q & A

By Dr. Know on March 5th, 2014

Okay, LA readers, we have another kick-ass midnight B-movie extravaganza on deck for you! This time it’s the ’80s cult classic Critters 2, the Wrath of Khan of Critters movies!

The Cinefamily will host a midnight screening of the dated yet rip-roaringly-fun classic on April 25th. Director Mick Garris will be there for a special Q&A following the screening, as well as master creature creators the Chiodo Brothers.

Click it HERE to get your tickets! Doors will open at 11:30 pm, with the creature feature set to get underway just before the stroke of midnight. Just enough time to load up on popcorn and soda.

Hope to see you there! To tide you over until then, get your retro on by clicking the player below to watch one of the original 1988 trailers.