Burying The Ex Clip

By Drax Largo on September 3rd, 2014

It’s always a good day when there’s a clip for a Joe Dante (The Howling, The ‘Burbs) movie. It’s an even better day when it’s for his latest, Burying the Ex.

This new zombie rom-com stars Anton Yelchin and Ashley Greene and will make its world premiere this Thursday at the. Greene plays an ex-girlfriend who dies in a freak accident but rises from the dead and expects her relationship with her boyfriend (Yelchin) to continue as per usual. Problem is the boyfriend has anew squeeze in the form of Texas Chainsaw’s Alexandra Daddario.

Not that I don’t adore Joe Dante, but I have to admit this sounds like a update on My Boyfriend’s Back.

Nevertheless, you should peep it now!

A North American  release date Burying the Ex is still up in the air.