BULLSEYE OR MISFIRE: X-Men: Days Of Future Past Reviews

By Drax Largo on May 22nd, 2014

Critic Reviews for X-Men: Days of Future Past

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Some sequels have such a complicated back story they should come with printed footnotes. The latest sequel in the “X-Men” series requires an encyclopedia that can be read in a fun-house mirror.

May 22, 2014Full Review Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
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Most important, there is an emotional undercurrent in this installment that the earlier films only aspired to.

May 22, 2014Full Review Source: San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle
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A mind-bending thrill ride with great special effects.

May 22, 2014Full Review Source: Richard Roeper.com

Richard Roeper.com
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“Days of Future Past” is, in itself, as intoxicating as a shot of adrenaline. It’s what summer movies are meant to be.

May 22, 2014Full Review Source: Washington Post

Washington Post
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It’s a brilliant gameplan for a studio: Manipulate time and space to make the X-Men movies infinitely re-bootable, infinitely re-castable and assuredly profitable, until it sounds like, and is, a kind of prayer: Forever and ever, X-Men.

May 22, 2014Full Review Source: Film.com

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It’s like discovering your box of Milk Duds is really chocolate-covered vitamins.

May 22, 2014Full Review Source: L.A. Weekly

L.A. Weekly
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It only conveys the awesome strangeness of its characters and their universe when director Brian Singer breaks away from the perpetual build-up of the film’s unwieldy plot.

May 22, 2014Full Review Source: Slant Magazine

Slant Magazine

After a chunky, [derivative] opening, Bryan Singer’s return to the world of ‘Mutants are people too, only better’ settles into a ’70s-style actor’s showcase.

May 22, 2014Full Review Source: San Diego Reader

San Diego Reader

If more comic-book movies were like this, there’d be less complaining about how many of them there are.

May 22, 2014Full Review Source: National Catholic Register

National Catholic Register

It’s what this series should have always been, a story about a small family of misfits who argue and disagree and sometimes betray each other, but who still can’t help loving one another.

May 22, 2014Full Review Source: Badass Digest

Badass Digest

The problem is that these moments don’t add up to much because the movie has very little in the way of actual stakes or tension.

May 22, 2014Full Review Source: The Verge

The Verge

Make no mistake: This one is for serious X-Men movie geeks. It does smart stuff with B-listers, papers over a few continuity burps and delivers a multivalent climax and denouement that pretty much defines “fan service.”

May 22, 2014Full Review Source: Austin American-Statesman

Austin American-Statesman

A giddy rush of superhero thrills, spills and epic set-pieces.

May 22, 2014Full Review Source: Little White Lies

Little White Lies

This is a fantastic movie. It looks great, has very good performances from a whole bunch of actors who I like a lot, and stages action sequences that are both coherent and impressive. The screenplay might be the best part of all

May 22, 2014Full Review Source: EntertainmentTell


Singer does a nice job of connecting the bleakness of the ’70s with the optimistic spirit that inspired the X-Men in the first place.

May 22, 2014Full Review Source: St. Paul Pioneer Press

St. Paul Pioneer Press

There’s just enough right in “Days of Future Past” to off-set what’s wrong.

May 22, 2014Full Review Source: RogerEbert.com


The film X-Men fans have been waiting for. It lives up to their expectations and then some. A truly epic installment.

May 22, 2014Full Review Source: JoBlo's Movie Emporium

JoBlo’s Movie Emporium

Drab in look and overly talky, X-Men: Days of Future Past lacks the life force and lilt of its 2011 predecessor, X-Men: First Class.

May 22, 2014Full Review Source: Sacramento Bee

Sacramento Bee

A dizzying but enjoyable ride.

May 22, 2014Full Review Source: Guardian [UK]

Guardian [UK]
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