By Dr. Know on September 18th, 2014

Critic Reviews for Tusk

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This is gruesome but never scary, snarky but never funny.

September 18, 2014Full Review Source: Chicago Reader

Chicago Reader
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Like most self-conscious attempts at a “midnight movie,” Tusk lacks the conviction that would make it anything more than an outré curiosity; it’s essentially a filmed dare, combined with fan service.

September 18, 2014Full Review Source: AV Club

AV Club
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The most disgusting and pointless movie I’ve seen. Emphasis on pointless. I spent half the movie sick to my stomach.

September 18, 2014Full Review Source: Seattle Times

Seattle Times
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There’s too much forced winking in it; everything is a goof, a lark, a Smith-style in-joke for the in-crowd.

September 17, 2014Full Review Source: Village Voice

Village Voice
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There’s a fine horror film inside “Tusk,” but it’s only 20 minutes long. The rest is just blubber.

September 17, 2014Full Review Source: New York Post

New York Post
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It’s not even that the film shifts wildly in tone as much as the fact that none of those tones work at all: the horror parts aren’t scary and, surprisingly for Smith, the comedy bits aren’t funny.

September 16, 2014Full Review Source: TheWrap

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“Tusk” is deeply weird and spectacularly wonderful.

September 18, 2014Full Review Source: DustinPutman.com


Suffice it to say, the final set-piece encapsulates Tusk in a nutshell: It’s strange, silly and difficult to look away from.

September 18, 2014Full Review Source: Film Journal International

Film Journal International

It’s great that Smith is still in the game, but here’s hoping for more the next time he steps to the plate.

September 18, 2014Full Review Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

It’s the most WTF movie of 2014. (And I liked it a lot.)

September 18, 2014Full Review Source: Columbus Alive

Columbus Alive

Smith comments on a society he thinks no longer reacts, other than by pointing, laughing and not thinking. He’s challenging us to prove him wrong.

September 18, 2014Full Review Source: RedEye


As if at the flip of a switch, the tone swerves from bearably irreverent to exhaustively indulgent.

September 17, 2014Full Review Source: Austin Chronicle

Austin Chronicle

there is in this uneven, but heady, brew, a sly stab at fame whores and a nice precis on the porous border between human and monster, sanity and reason.

September 17, 2014Full Review Source: Killer Movie Reviews

Killer Movie Reviews

Ultimately, any point gets drowned out by all the self-satisfied laughter.

September 17, 2014Full Review Source: The Dissolve

The Dissolve

Kevin Smith’s comic horror homage is not completely nuts. Even counting the walrus.

September 16, 2014Full Review Source: The Movie Minute

The Movie Minute

“Tusk” has “comeback” buzz coming out of the Toronto Film Festival. Perhaps that buzz came from the city’s crack happy mayor, Rob Ford.

September 16, 2014Full Review Source: McClatchy-Tribune News Service

McClatchy-Tribune News Service

The problem with Tusk, ultimately, is that it doesn’t hold up to scrutiny as a movie, despite its assemblage of commendably unusual scenes.

September 16, 2014Full Review Source: CinemaBlend.com