BULLSEYE OR MISFIRE: The Raid 2: Berandal Reviews

By Dr. Know on March 28th, 2014

Critic Reviews for The Raid 2: Berandal

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As you might guess, this is not a film for everyone’s taste. But for fans of the martial arts genre, Evans has created a scintillating, if sometimes imperfect, new chapter.

March 27, 2014Full Review Source: Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times
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Neither its undercover drama nor its two-and-a-half-hour length bog down the bracing, and numerous, fight fests.

March 27, 2014Full Review Source: New York Times

New York Times
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Just when you think the movie has gotten as wonderfully, violently over-the-top as possible, it manages to keep upping the ante until its exhausting climax. It leaves you drained, but not enervated.

March 27, 2014Full Review Source: The Wrap

The Wrap
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The Raid 2 lets its warriors rip for two and a half thrilling hours. With the precision of dance and the punch of a KO champion, [director Gavin] Evans keeps the action coming like nobody’s business.

March 27, 2014Full Review Source: Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone
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From the first scene, this Jakarta-set actioner is extraordinarily gorgeous – and extremely violent.

March 27, 2014Full Review Source: New York Daily News

New York Daily News
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Those with a high tolerance for violence and gore – at one point, Rama battles assassins labeled “Baseball Bat Man” and “Hammer Girl” simultaneously – will eat up “The Raid 2.”

March 26, 2014Full Review Source: New York Post

New York Post
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Evans has grown up a little, expanded his repertoire and learned a valuable lesson about telling a story between all the outrageous fight choreography.

March 28, 2014Full Review Source: CraveOnline


All those looking for a new kick are advised to seek it out, but don’t blame me for the headache with which you might leave the theater.

March 28, 2014Full Review Source: RogerEbert.com


It’s great art.

March 28, 2014Full Review Source: Movie Mezzanine

Movie Mezzanine

The result is a crime saga with the frequently jaw-dropping fight scenes you’d expect.

March 27, 2014Full Review Source: Flicks.co.nz


strong stuff, not for the faint of heart, but it is, and I don’t say this lightly, bloody fantastic.

March 27, 2014Full Review Source: Killer Movie Reviews

Killer Movie Reviews

You could say (and some will) that the gratuitousness of the violence in The Raid 2 is a problem. But it all functions as part of the surreal dance of death …

March 27, 2014Full Review Source: Vulture


Unbearably tense..it may test the limits of even veteran action fans – or satisfy them in a way they never thought possible.

March 27, 2014Full Review Source: Hollywood & Fine

Hollywood & Fine

The action is at once horrifying and absurdly cartoonish (a baseball bat yields a particularly gruesome coup de grace), but Uwais’ dexterity inspires awe …

March 27, 2014Full Review Source: AV Club

AV Club

There is something deeply existential about seeing Rama trapped in a situation, facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles and then watch him think, or respond, using his mental and physical skills, his way out of the situation.

March 26, 2014Full Review Source: UR Chicago Magazine

Though unleashing 150 minutes’ worth of brute force asks a lot of the uninitiated, those in the know will still be left wanting more.

March 26, 2014Full Review Source: Herald Sun (Australia)

Herald Sun (Australia)

It brings me no great pleasure to report that the The Raid 2 is to The Raid as Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was to the first Transformers: it’s longer, flashier and bloated well past the point of tedium.

March 26, 2014Full Review Source: Television Without Pity

Television Without Pity
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