BULLSEYE OR MISFIRE: Sin City: A Dame To Kill For Reviews

By Dr. Know on August 22nd, 2014

Critic Reviews for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

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A Dame To Kill For isn’t likely to create converts out of those uninterested in the pulpy side of fiction. But it more than earns its keep in terms of lavishing love, mildly ironic as well as pretty damn earnest, on pumped-up noir.

August 22, 2014Full Review Source: Denver Post

Denver Post
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Miller’s original comic-book frames serve narrative functions, but these movies are all grabby graphics, devoid of compelling style.

August 22, 2014Full Review Source: Orange County Register

Orange County Register
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You don’t expect to be exhausted by reams of soul-sick narration and artful chiaroscuro compositions, but that’s what happens.

August 22, 2014Full Review Source: Time Out New York

Time Out New York
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For those who appreciated Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s 2005 campy, kinetic film noir homage, Sin City, the 2014 follow-up, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is unlikely to disappoint.

August 22, 2014Full Review Source: ReelViews

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It’s hard to believe that so much visual elegance has been brought to bear on material so ugly, and yet the disjunction is intentional, and the film is all of a piece.

August 22, 2014Full Review Source: New York Magazine/Vulture

New York Magazine/Vulture
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If you showed the Sin City midnight world in smaller doses, as a weekly series on late-night cable television, the slick graphics and cold kink might be more compelling.

August 22, 2014Full Review Source: Globe and Mail

Globe and Mail
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Green has affected shades of noir in previous roles, but as the scheming Ava Lord, she is a terrific femme fatale, luxuriating in Miller’s Chandler-esque dialogue while devouring the scenery and every inhabitant in it.

August 22, 2014Full Review Source: NOW Toronto

NOW Toronto

The conceit also feels more out of its time than it did in 2005; this sort of unrelenting bleakness is more cliché than daring now.

August 22, 2014Full Review Source: Deadspin


Sin City: A Dame to Kill For relishes style over substance. But, man, it’s ugly.

August 22, 2014Full Review Source: Central Track

Central Track

Always a pleasure to observe, despite its unsavory aspects, so artfully artificial… Style is no problem. A reason for this movie besides it is a mystery.

August 22, 2014Full Review Source: Tampa Bay Times

Tampa Bay Times

When severed heads tumble across the screen like fleshy soccer balls for the umpteenth time, all the visceral thrills of graphic dismemberment fade away. Who knew hyper violence could feel this routine?

August 22, 2014Full Review Source: Paste Magazine

Paste Magazine

This stylish, 3-D film with noir-ish, deliciously naughty characters amounts to a campy satire.

August 22, 2014Full Review Source: The Virginian-Pilot

The Virginian-Pilot

Rodriguez and Millar really can’t be troubled slowing down long enough to take an interest in where their characters are headed. Instead, they gorge the screen with stylized mayhem and grubby sex.

August 22, 2014Full Review Source: Irish Independent

Irish Independent

Needlessly confusing and narratively fractured, the only real sin in this movie is the lost potential.

August 22, 2014Full Review Source: Canada.com


The visuals haven’t changed much but they remain a wonder to behold.

August 22, 2014Full Review Source: Daily Record [UK]

Daily Record [UK]

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is an exhausting pedal to the metal car chase that goes in circles, collides with a brick wall, and leaves the audience as they’re thrust through the windshield and cuts to black before they hit the concrete.

August 22, 2014Full Review Source: Examiner.com


At some points the film lags, loses focus, especially in the segues between vignettes where you can hear the gears creak. Thank goodness it’s so pretty to look at, and it is fun to count the references to classic films.

August 22, 2014Full Review Source: RogerEbert.com


The whole movie consists of shiny hot rods and dick wounds, like an 11-year-old and his grumpy grandpa playing GI Joes together.

August 22, 2014Full Review Source: FilmDrunk


Packed with stylish visuals, a dream cast, tons of attitude and crazy over-the-top action, for better or worse it delivers exactly what you’d expect in a ‘Sin City’ sequel.

August 22, 2014Full Review Source: Lyles' Movie Files

Lyles’ Movie Files

Instead of fanning the franchise flames, A Dame to Kill For tosses a wet blanket on the fun, stumbling with a plodding follow-up that’s missing the insanity and most of the grim highlights that made the original so memorable.

August 22, 2014Full Review Source: Blu-ray.com


Lacks a sense of propulsion; there’s no sense of movement towards a significant dramatic payoff.

August 22, 2014Full Review Source: MLive.com