BULLSEYE OR MISFIRE: Divergent Reviews

By Dr. Know on March 21st, 2014

Critic Reviews for Divergent

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The results can be thrilling but the film as a whole feels simultaneously overlong and emotionally truncated.

March 21, 2014Full Review Source: RogerEbert.com

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Woodley is an obviously talented actress, a standout in The Descendants and The Spectacular Now but she’s let down by the story surrounding her.

March 21, 2014Full Review Source: Toronto Star

Toronto Star
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Fans of the book will likely be pleased. More importantly, people who don’t know a thing about the books may get swept up, as well.

March 21, 2014Full Review Source: Detroit News

Detroit News
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With a couple of elaborate action set pieces and some trippy, dreamlike sequences when Tris’ thoughts are on display, Divergent is sure-footed, suspenseful, and sequel-ready.

March 21, 2014Full Review Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Philadelphia Inquirer
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The dark, oppressive movie around Woodley drags her down like an overcoat with stones in the pockets.

March 21, 2014Full Review Source: Globe and Mail

Globe and Mail
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Directed by Neil Burger, Divergent is a solidly engaging outing. Only one wishes for more.

March 20, 2014Full Review Source: Denver Post

Denver Post
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Like a Great Illustrated Classics adaptation of a lesser comic book, Divergent delivers a dystopian plot with mechanical precision but lacks the nuance and art that usually marks outstanding source material.

March 21, 2014Full Review Source: Daily Film Fix

It’s like a super-violent version of ‘The Breakfast Club’ without that film’s wit or charm.

March 21, 2014Full Review Source: John Hanlon Reviews

John Hanlon Reviews

Based on the Hindu caste system. Is there anyone in this movie besides Theo James? He’s so sexy he makes Vampires and Tributes look like sissy-girls.

March 21, 2014Full Review Source: Las Vegas Informer

Las Vegas Informer

Woodley could be on the verge of a career breakthrough of Lawrencian dimensions.

March 21, 2014Full Review Source: Reason Online

Reason Online

Divergent isn’t ambitious enough to be good and it isn’t outlandish enough to be bad. “Divergent” feels like nothing more than a lite version of The Hunger Games.

March 21, 2014Full Review Source: Examiner.com


The movie, for all of it’s post-apocalyptic themes, is at bottom a love story, and Woodley and James are good together.

March 21, 2014Full Review Source: Philadelphia Daily News

Philadelphia Daily News

If I was a 13-year old girl, Divergent would be my GoodFellas.

March 21, 2014Full Review Source: WaffleMovies.com


[T]he movie’s blind acceptance of this world and its continuation means that the story itself is essentially a non-starter.

March 21, 2014Full Review Source: Mark Reviews Movies

Mark Reviews Movies

Though always an entertaining watch, Divergent is nevertheless a somewhat rickety start to a franchise.

March 21, 2014Full Review Source: Digital Spy

Digital Spy

Attractively mounted and boasting some nice performances, but also peddling a thunderously stupid conceit whose dodgy details ask viewers to ignore all they know of basic human psychology.

March 21, 2014Full Review Source: Shared Darkness

Shared Darkness

From the major Ferris Wheel scene to the zip line strung from high rise rooftops, Divergent the movie is a close match to the book.

March 20, 2014Full Review Source: About.com


The film works because it engages in some creative world-building… That said, its roots in other YA successes are painfully obvious.

March 20, 2014Full Review Source: New England Movies Weekly

New England Movies Weekly

Comes off like yet another less than successful adaptation of a “young adult” piece of literary fiction. (Full Content Review for Parents Also Available)

March 20, 2014Full Review Source: Screen It!

Screen It!

It is fun to see Tris come into her own. She knows you do not have to be harsh to be strong, or weak to be kind.

March 20, 2014Full Review Source: Beliefnet


Disappointing young adult sci-fi, seeming a bit stale after other dystopian escapades.

March 20, 2014Full Review Source: SSG Syndicate

SSG Syndicate