BULLSEYE OR MISFIRE: 3 Days To Kill Reviews

By Drax Largo on February 21st, 2014

Critic Reviews for 3 Days to Kill

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Just sit back and enjoy. “3 Days to Kill” is big dumb fun anchored by a good actor’s refusal to take himself too seriously.

February 21, 2014Full Review Source: Detroit News

Detroit News
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It’s the modern dilemma: how to balance work with family, get the job done, and still have time to share a meal with the wife and kid.

February 21, 2014Full Review Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Philadelphia Inquirer
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A scattershot McG action/comedy/romance/drama, the closest our era has to the audience-pleasing ambitions of William Wyler, if Wyler had first gotten drunk on Bud Light Lime.

February 20, 2014Full Review Source: L.A. Weekly

L.A. Weekly
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Long before Kevin Costner is demanding pasta sauce info at gunpoint from a terrified Italian hostage in 3 Days to Kill, it’s obvious no one is following any kind of coherent recipe for this movie.

February 20, 2014Full Review Source: Toronto Star

Toronto Star
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The result is a little like baby bear’s porridge, neither all bad nor all good, though not quite right yet either.

February 20, 2014Full Review Source: Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times
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The idea seems to have been to explore how little sense a movie could make, and how little that could matter, and also to allow Mr. Costner to indulge in some good-natured sadism and a bit of middle-aged sentimentality.

February 20, 2014Full Review Source: New York Times

New York Times
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At the end of the day, this movie didn’t need 3 days to kill. 2 hours was more than enough.

February 21, 2014Full Review Source: Doddle

The light humor helps to make palatable the more violent scenes in the film. (Also read our Full Content Review for Parents)

February 21, 2014Full Review Source: Screen It!

Screen It!

Costner deserves better, and the fact that he doesn’t phone it in here indicates that he thinks maybe so do you.

February 21, 2014Full Review Source: RogerEbert.com


I don’t want to believe a professional writer came up with this stuff.

February 21, 2014Full Review Source: WaffleMovies.com


There’s a lot wrong with this movie, but there are things it does right. Just when you think things have gone irretrievably off the rails, Costner manages to hold it together.

February 21, 2014Full Review Source: Times-Picayune


A very strange but entertaining time killer.

February 20, 2014Full Review Source: CraveOnline


3 Days to Kill is entertaining enough, ironically, for those with some time to kill.

February 20, 2014Full Review Source: Examiner.com


As comedy, as drama, as crime actioner, the film ends up making little impact at all.

February 20, 2014Full Review Source: DustinPutman.com


The tone here is just generally all over the place, jumping from action blowouts to screwball comedy to father-daughter pathos. But it isn’t particularly good at any of the three.

February 20, 2014Full Review Source: EntertainmentTell


Tthis is a very disjointed movie given to some weird “what movie are we in now?” tangents.

February 20, 2014Full Review Source: IGN Movies

IGN Movies

All over the map from a dramatic and tonal standpoint, but it nearly gets by on on the presence of Kevin Costner in one of his most lighthearted parts in ages.

February 20, 2014Full Review Source: amNewYork


3 Days To Kill is one Liam Neeson shy of a Liam Neeson vehicle.

February 20, 2014Full Review Source: AV Club

AV Club

[3 Days To Kill is] an espionage tale, a family drama and 1940s film noir. The problem is the three go together about as well as speed skating and a sandy beach.

February 20, 2014Full Review Source: Fresno Bee

Fresno Bee

The acting performances elevate the material from ‘predictable’ to ‘predictable but fun.’

February 20, 2014Full Review Source: Bullz-Eye.com

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