BULLSEYE OR MISFIRE: The Pyramid Reviews

By Drax Largo on December 5th, 2014

Critic Reviews for The Pyramid

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This enjoyable-despite-itself horror flick has precisely nothing new to offer – with the arguable exception of a monster in a miniskirt, which may be a first.

Full Review… | December 5, 2014

Tom Huddleston
Time Out
Levasseur plants and executes the pic’s exclamation-point scares with grinning, squelching gusto. It matters little that most of the jolts have been lifted from previous movies …

Full Review… | December 4, 2014

Guy Lodge
A silly, schlocky, mummy’s-tomb horror-comedy.

Full Review… | December 4, 2014

Kate Muir
Times [UK]
The ancient curse of Tutankhamun is merely a dusty irritant compared with this tale of supernatural bloodletting beneath the shifting sands of the Egyptian desert.

Full Review… | December 4, 2014

Tim Evans
Sky Movies
“We need to find an exit right now,” someone shouts early on. Audiences may well find themselves sharing the sentiment.

Full Review… | December 4, 2014

Geoffrey Macnab
Levasseur understands the claustrophobia of being locked inside a stuffy pyramid with collapsing floors and sand traps. Unfortunately for him, Indiana Jones turns out to be incompatible with Alien, and the bad acting and atrocious script don’t help.

Full Review… | December 4, 2014

Chris Michael
Grégory Levasseur takes on directorial duties for the first time and though he ramps up tension at the final hurdle, for the most part this effort is hampered by a rote script from Daniel Meersand and Nick Simon.

Full Review… | December 4, 2014

Katherine McLaughlin
The List
The few scares are rote jumps copied from a dozen other films, with one moment that echoes both Alien and Deep Blue Sea.

Full Review… | December 2, 2014

Kim Newman
Screen International
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