Blade Runner: The Aquarelle Edition

By Dr. Know on November 20th, 2013

This really isn’t news, but it is something very cool. Blade Runner – The Aquarelle Edition is a tremendous work of animation by Anders Ramsell. It consists of 12, 597 handmade aquarelle paintings. Together they form my 35 minute long paraphrase on Ridley Scott’s seminal Blade Runner.

Blade Runner – The Aquarelle Edition follows the original movie´s storyline but I have taken the liberty to change a lot of things,” says Ramsell. “It was never my intent to make an exact version of the movie, that would fill no purpose. Instead I wanted to create a something different and never before seen  – The Aquarelle Edition.”

This is certainly an endurance piece at 35 minutes, but if you’re a fan of Blade Runner (or just great art in general) it’s definitely worth your while. I’m willing to bet it’s the most creative thing you’ll see this week, anyway. So click away, people. This one is dedicated to everybody with any kind of heart. Enjoy!