Batman: Evolution

By Drax Largo on February 11th, 2014

So, riddle me this, Bat Fans, if you wanted to, how would you get from the campy Batman of the ’60s to Christopher Nolan’s realistic, brooding Dark Knight Trilogy? I’m not exactly sure, but filmmaker Peter Cornwell has an idea.

Directed by Cornwell, his new fan film, Batman: Evolution, takes a lighthearted stab at connecting Adam West’s cheesy Batman, 1966 to the considerably much more believable Batman depicted in Christopher Nolan’s continuity.

Eric Gable wrote and starred in the title role of the film, which debuted on Comic Book Movie. Gable told the site he was looking to bring some verisimilitude to Batman’s martial arts: “I traveled to Japan to study ninjutsu years ago, and I’m really surprised no one has brought it to film yet. Literally, all the ‘ninja’ movies to date are actually using karate.”

The film features Eric Gable portraying Batman doing authentic Ninjutsu moves. Also starring Joel Hebner as Black Mask and Mark Erman as Robin with stunt team 87Eleven playing henchmen in this slick knockout black comedy.