And The New Daredevil Is…

By Dr. Know on May 27th, 2014

Marvel has found its new Daredevil in the form is Charlie Cox (Boardwalk Empire). Cox will star as Matt Murdock, the blind lawyer by day and crime-fighting hero by night in the 13-episode drama.

Cox is their first player announced for the cast. Into the bargain, this news comes on the heels of original series producer and show runner Drew Goddard departing for undisclosed reasons.

Allegedly, Goddard pulled out  back in March when he was assigned to Sony’s planned Sinister Six spin-off movie, the extension of Sony’s take on The Amazing Spider-Man universe. Nevertheless, Goddard did write the first two episodes before jumping ship and word is he’ll still be involved as an executive producer.

Marvel is now looking for a director for the pilot episode of what’s planned to be five 13-episode series for Netflix, which will be followed by Jessica JonesIron Fist and Luke Cage. This will, of course, pave the way for The Defenders series on Netflix.

Having said that, rumors are swirling that the real reason Goddard dropped out is because he’s replacing Edgar Wright on Ant-Man. Since Marvel has already stated they have another director in place for Ant-Man, one could easily assume this is a strong possibility.