A Good Marriage Trailer

By Dr. Know on August 20th, 2014

The first trailer for the adaptation of Stephen King’s A Good Marriage is now live, folks. You know the drill.

Joan Allen stars as a wife and mother who has morbid suspicions about her hubby ( Anthony LaPaglia).

The Cabin in the Woods‘ Kristen Connolly  will play the daughter.

Avatar‘s Stephen Lang will play a retired investigator from the Maine Attorney General’s office who is obsessed with solving the crime.

King has said in the past that the character of Bob Anderson was inspired by Dennis Rader the infamous “BTK Killer”. Like Rader, Anderson gruesomely tortures and kills his victims, then mails his victims’ identification to the police; King said that he felt inspired to write the story after the public outcry against Rader’s wife, Paula, who had been married to him for almost thirty years yet seemed to have no knowledge of his crimes.

Documentarian Peter Askin is directing from a screenplay that King himself wrote.

A Good Marriage hits theatres October 3, 2014, just in time for Halloween.