300: Rise Of An Empire Interview – Noam Murro & Kurt Johnstad

By Dr. Know on March 6th, 2014

Noam Murro takes over the director’s chair from Zack Snyder this week on 300: Rise of an Empire, and although he may not seem like an obvious choice it’s obvious from the trailers and TV spots the visual smorgasbord from the first movie is still intact. But what about the narrative?

Fear not, my brethren; like the first movie, 300, this sequel has been adapted from the works of Frank Miller. Furthermore, 300 screenwriter Kurt Johnstad is once again on board penning the adaptation. Great, right? But other than more of the same what new angles are the filmmakers bringing to this actioner?

I’ll end my blathering now and let you find out for yourself below. Click it now!

300: Rise of an Empire hits the multiplex tomorrow.